The focus of Reading Beyond is sharing my thoughts on the books that take me beyond my daily life in some way. I may share reviews of books I’ve recently read or lists of books that fit some theme like “fighter romances” or “set in the Appalachian Mountains”. You might see a long essay about the impact a book has had on my life next to a short post about the current tea I’m drinking as I read. Everything you find here will have some connection to reading, but the strength of that connection will vary.

Now that I’ve briefly set the stage for my blog, please allow me to introduce me! I’m Brandy, and I’ve spent way too long thinking about getting back into blogging instead of just getting started. My first website was an online journal that I began at the end of 1996 to share my life as a newlywed in Alaska with my family back in Tennessee. I kept that journal during all of my time in Alaska and for several years after my husband and I moved to North Carolina. We’re still in North Carolina though we both hear Alaska whispering at us to come back home.