Tuesday Tidbits: Roller Coaster Weather Edition

We did get the snow that I mentioned was predicted in my last post, and it’s mostly melted now. Yesterday’s high temperature was in the 60s, and today we’re not even reaching the 40s. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a high in the 70s, and the day after tomorrow has the possibility of snow. My weather app’s temperature chart for our area looks like a roller coaster.

I just barely squeezed in a nonfiction book for February to keep up with my 2015 reading goals. I borrowed David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell as an audiobook from the library. I usually give up on audiobooks within the first 30 minutes, so finishing this one is quite the accomplishment for me. The book was read by the author, and I think that helped because I’ve enjoyed watching his presentations and interviews in the past.

"We have become obsessed with what is good about small classrooms and oblivious about what also can be good about large classes. It’s a strange thing isn't it, to have an educational philosophy that thinks of the other students in the classroom with your child as competitors for the attention of the teacher and not allies in the adventure of learning." - Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

February’s featured cookbook was The Kitchy Kitchen by Claire Thomas. It’s maybe a little heavier on entertaining than what I like, but overall, it’s a lovely book both in appearance and in content. The recipes are rated according to difficulty from Yum (easy) to Showstopper (more complicated), and there are several basic recipes where suggestions for variations are made. Her advice on stocking a kitchen and pantry is great and is part of the reason why I can definitely see this in a gift basket for newlyweds or someone moving out on their own for the first time. Our favorites from the book were Caramelized Oatmeal with Sautéed Bananas, White Corn Chipotle Soup, Full-Blown Tortilla Soup, and Lavender Shortbread Cookies. (Can you tell February called for hot, comforting food?)

I found The Kitchy Kitchen through makeupTIA (Ashley) on YouTube. Ashley is one of my favorite people to watch because she seems so sweet and produces beautiful, relaxing videos. As you might tell from her channel name, her focus is beauty and makeup, but she also talks about planners, books, food, and general wellness, and those are all topics near and dear to my heart.